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This website is brought to you by the Botosani Research team. For more than a decade, our small team of amator genealogy researchers, have been responsible for acquiring more than 200 thousands civil state records, as well as others from the cities and towns of the Romanian region of Moldova, that had a high concentration of Jewish population up to WWII and later to the 1950s and 1960s.

In this site you will find the engine to search the indexes of the civil state records (Birth, Deaths, Marriages) in many of the cities of the Romanian region of Moldova. This region was in the 19th century the home of majority of the Jews that lived in the Old Kingdom of Romania (the state of Romania in the borders before 1918). In the South, in the region of Wallachia, the Jewish population was much smaller. Many of the Jews in the South were of Sephardic descent. In the South, the Jewish population grew largely after the 1859 Union with Moldova due to emigration from Moldova. With the exception of the capital Bucharest, where Jews were about 10% of the population, in other cities in Wallachia, the percentage of the Jewish population was much lower. In the villages, it was almost inexistent.

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