Searching the Botosani Research Team Databases

If this is the first time you research your Romanian Jewish roots, please take time and read this document. It was written with Botosani county in focus, but it is valid for all Romania (pre-1918 borders).

Click on the button to open the corresponding search form in a new tab. We tailored our search engine to the Romanian civil state records, thus there is a different search form for each type of records. For example, if one searches for a marriage record of Avram Segal, the results will return entries where Avram Segal is indeed the groom and not any record that mentions both Avram and Segal.
Choose the city of search and fill the fields as possible, to make the search more accurate. If you know the time range you are looking for, please fill in the years. However, note that not all the details are indexed (or available in a specific record). Sometimes too many details will prevent getting all relevant results.
Tips about performing search can be found here. You can sort the results by different fields prior of submitting the query. Please note that only the first 100 results will be presented.
You can make up to 25 queries per day.
You can add records you wish to your order. When you are ready to order, please go to the Order page. You can still review and change the list before actually making an order. You can view the price for the records by pressing the corresponding button. The price per record decreases as the number of ordered records increases. After placing the order, you should receive a mail from containing the details of your order.
You need to have a Google account and to perform login from the Login/Logout page before performing search. We do not collect your information.

Please note that our team performs research on-demand. We are experienced in researching Jewish Romanian records. We also work hand in hand with our clients to guarantee a good match of the records to the client's family.
You can find our pricelist here.
Note that we perform the research for free, charging only for the records.
For contact, please use the mail
This site enables independent research. We do not offer any guarantee for the records that you found, except for the names in the record to match the index. If an error occured in the index, we will notify about the mismatch. We do not supply further information about the entries in the index.
We do not offer translation services for the records ordered from the site.